27 January 2011

Thomas Robinson

If you're not familiar with the sad tale of Thomas Robinson, power forward for KU, take a look at Brady McCullough's story from the KC Star or Gary Bedore's from the Lawrence Journal-World, but it may get a little dusty in the room.  To summarize, Thomas Robinson's grandma passed away at the end of December.  His grandfather died unexpectedly last Sunday, leaving him with just his mother and 9-year old sister.  On Friday night, the eve of KU's biggest game of the year, he got a call from his little sister telling him their 37-year old mother died of a heart attack.  I don't know how a 19-year old kid deals with such tragedy, let alone play in a basketball game the next day.  Thankfully he has a great support system from his teammates, coaches, and their families.

Seeing this team rally around Thomas in his time of need makes you feel good about the power sports can have on people's lives.  You want to do anything in your power to help, and fortunately the NCAA is allowing a scholarship fund to be set up for his sister.  I criticize the NCAA a lot, but they really came through in this situation.

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