06 January 2011

Sharing Is Caring

With less time to write tonight, thanks to getting home late from an easy, yet fun KU victory over UMKC, sharing some favorite links of the last couple of weeks is on tonight's agenda.  My goal is to post here once a day Sunday through Thursday, with the occasional Friday and Saturday posts.  Late in the evening seems to be my peak time.  Enjoy:

-My favorite links of the week are easily the James Van Der Beek clips at Funny or Die.  The lampooning of his character on Dawson's Creek is hilarious, even though I never saw a second of the show.  While the Van Der Memes were clever, Asshole for Hire had me rolling.  Hopefully Dilf Khakis lives up to the first two videos later this week.

-One of my favorite recurring features on the internet is The AV Club's Random Roles.  The interviewer goes through an actor's resume and asks about a sampling of movies/TV shows in which they appeared.  Last week they interviewed Jon Lovitz, and it was another winner.  I highly recommend checking out some of the past Random Roles subjects if you are not familiar with the series.

-These Toy Story 3 "For Your Consideration" posters are absolutely brilliant.  I haven't seen close to everything this year, but Toy Story 3 is my favorite 2010 release.  The best movie I saw this year was last year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar winner, The Secret in Their Eyes.  Add it to your Netflix queue.  I'll be writing more about it in the future.

-One of my favorite movies is The Apartment, Best Picture winner from 1960, directed by the immortal Billy Wilder and starring Jack Lemmon, Fred MacMurray, and Shirley MacLaine.  A writer at Cinematical recently wrote a nice piece in their Shelf Life series, checking on how The Apartment holds up after 50 years.  While I find the writing insightful, my opinion couldn't be much different in regard to the What Doesn't Work section.  Pretty much everything he talks about in that section is correct, but it also outlines so much of what I love about the movie.  It's about a bunch of very flawed characters, most of whom seem like real, fleshed out human beings.  Time for me to watch it again.  It will be featured prominently whenever I get my list of things that get better every time I watch/listen to/read them.

-Linda Holmes writes NPR's Monkey See blog, and I could just recommend that you add her to your RSS feed, as she is essential reading for the pop culture lover.  Go ahead and do that, but be sure and check out her 50 Wonderful Things of 2010 as well.

-My brother mentioned that the free Girl Talk album All Day is one of his favorites of 2010.  I finally got it, and he's got a point.  It's a lot of fun.  Download here.

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