01 February 2011

Mashed Potatoes

-After rewatching Doctor Zhivago and Ninotchka yesterday, both about Russians, everyone in my dreams last night had a Russian accent.  Why, then, do many of the actors speak with British accents, while others give the Russian accent a go.  I always find it humorous that "serious" acting often calls for a British accent, whether the movie take place in Russia, Rome, or elsewhere.  This phenomenon is mostly a thing of the past, but it still happens.  The HBO show Rome is just one example.

-You would be correct in guessing that the last bullet point was a gratuitous excuse to put another Julie Christie picture on here.  

-I forgot to mention the aspect of Biutiful that stuck out the most: Javier Bardem's head.  I'm convinced his head is twice the size of a regular human being.  Maybe it was the lion's mane of a haircut he wore, but it looked massive to me.  It helped distract a little bit from all the terrible stuff happening in the movie.  The haircut is a huge improvement from his do in No Country for Old Men.

-Forgot to mention last week that I read Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier, as historical novel based on the famed Johannes Vermeer painting.  The concept is interesting, as she researched the background of the painting and developed an "origin story" for it, to use a comic book term (possibly the first and last comic book reference to appear on this blog).  Unfortunately, the concept doesn't translate to a great book.  It loses steam fairly quickly, but at just over 200 pages, I still enjoyed it a bit.  

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